Os Sons De Vogais E Ditongos Em Ingles Britanico

Que bom seria se a lingua inglesa fosse que nem a lingua espanhola em relacao as vogais... Cada vogal com um unico som e nada mais, dessa maneira nao teriamos que parar para nos perguntar se aquela vogal tem som de “a” ou de “é” naquela palavra inglesa.

Mas infelizmente os sons vocalicos em ingles sao mais complicados... Ja que ha 20 differentes sons para as 5 vogais! Esses sons sao em muitos casos ditongos.

Abaixo algumas frases onde os sons das vogais em negrito sao os mesmos:

  • Famous stars smoke cigars in cars and bars!
  • That fat cat sat on a rat. Now it's flat as a mat!
  • Mike likes bikes with spikes to ride on ice.
  • I doubt he'll clout the lout who stole his trout. He'll shout out loud!
  • The clever never ever say "Never ever!".
  • If there's a delay, they pay to stay another day.
  • They dare to stare at fair hair because it's rare there.
  • If the stick isn't thick, you'll split it when you hit it. 
  • Don't freeze the cheese, please, Louise!
  • It's clear the beer is dear here!
  • Doctor Oscar often operates on opposition politicians.
  • Joan won't go home to Rome by boat alone.
  • She caught her daughter in the water with a naughty boy.
  • The noise from Roy's toys annoys other boys. 
  • The cook shook when he took a look at the cook book.
  • Whose two new blue shoes did Sue lose?
  • If the water on the tour isn't pure, you can't be sure there'll be a cure!
  • Bert wasn't hurt but got dirt on his shirt.
  • If mother had another brother, I'd have another uncle. 
  • A moment ago he announced a new address.

Esse tipo de exercicio ajuda o aluno a memorizar os diferentes sons de vogais e ditongos em ingles.

Voce pode encontrar o audio (ingles britânico) para cada uma das frases acima nessa pagina.